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  • Yoga Alliance Teacher Training by the sea  | 200h

    Yoga Alliance Teacher Training by the sea | 200h

    16 days intensive training Yoga Alliance certified on the most beautiful beaches of the world. Become a Yoga Teacher for just £2,299 !


  • Welcome to WAY YOGA

    Welcome to WAY YOGA

    Your Institute for International Yoga Teachers Training, Yoga Therapy and Holistic Health!


  • Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Malta | 200h

    Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Malta | 200h

    Meditation and Yoga by the sea and in the relaxing atmosphere of the untouched Maltese nature. Come from 12/07/18 - 27/07/2018 !


  • Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Greece | 200h

    Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Greece | 200h

    Enjoy the Mediterranean climate in a wonderful natural landscape and become a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher 200h during your 16-day stay at an excellent hotel.



Welcome to your Yoga Teacher Training at WAY European Academy of Yoga and holistic health

Relaxation, focus on the self and inner strength are at the center of yoga, that we teach at our academy in Wiesbaden and worldwide.

We offer internationally recognized and certified Yoga teacher training courses according to the guidelines of the Yoga Alliance, scientifically sound Yoga therapy as well as Ayurveda and coaching training.


RYS 500

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

200h Yoga Alliance | Malta

Two beautiful large yoga rooms, healthy food and first-class instructors await you in your Yoga Alliance certified intensive training course Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher 200h.

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  1. Early bird: £2,099
  2. (2.399€)

Malta / Gozo

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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

200h Yoga Alliance | Bali

Resting in oneself and learning to feel oneself again. Our Yoga Alliance certified Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training 200h provides you with a profound entry into this wonderful practice.

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  1. Early bird: £2,299
  2. (2.599€)

Bali / Dune Alaya

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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

200h Yoga Alliance | Greece

Welcome to Greece! An enchanting mediterranean island. Start the new year as an Yoga Alliance certified Hatha Vinyasa 200h Yoga Teacher in the beautiful greek nature.

  1. Early bird: £2,299
  2. (2.599€)

Greece / Litochoro

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Yoga Alliance Teacher Training courses at WAY

Our yoga training consists of 5 modules that build on each other. It is Yoga Alliance certified, recognized by health insurances and bookable by module.

200h / Yoga Alliance Teacher Training intensive course 16 Days

200h / Yoga Alliance Teacher Training intensive course 16 Days

/ in english

The WAY Yoga Teacher Training style is a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. We believe that every Yoga Teacher should be able to teach both styles since not every future student will be able to practice Vinyasa Yoga. The first week of the Yoga Teacher Training will have a strong focus on Hatha Yoga and start with simple flows. As the Teacher Training procceeds further, the Vinyasa Flowtechnique will be integrated.


+300h / Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Germany

+300h / Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Germany

/ in german

Our plus300 advanced Yoga Teacher Training consists of three modules to add an additional 300 hours of Yoga Teacher Training to your existing 200h Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. This will enable you to be recognized as a RYT500. These three modules have to be taken sequentially. These courses will be held in german language, but can be booked in international locations around the world.


What our customers say about WAY

  • Hilde Bergmann

    "In Mallorca we were able to experience how wonderful it can be to live together while adhering to yogic practices. Envy, jealousy, and malice became irrelevant and disappeared. Thanks to the profound knowledge and skill of the WAY instructors, such "evil spirits" weren't permitted to arise. This allowed us to experience heaven on earth. For this, I am deeply grateful to the WAY Team."

    Hilde Bergmann
  • Sabrina Preuss

    "I participated in the Yoga Teacher Training course in Mallorca 200h / AYA in November 2015 and was truly thrilled. The team was wonderful and the course very well-founded. This experience gave me a great basis for my future yogic endeavours. I was so happy with the course that I immediately booked my spot for the M3 course in January 2016. I really looking forward to it. Many thanks to Marion, Marina, and Jacqueline - you are great!!!"

    Sabrina Preuss
  • Kerstin Schmitt

    "I have learned so much and am very excited to teach my very first yoga calss. I was very fortunate to have been a part of a group of 10 wonderful people. I miss them all already ... Your course concept really does allow someone to teach their first Yoga beginners class within 9 days. It's rather special, that although the schedule is packed, you always have time for your students. Keep up the good work! I'll be back for the M2."

    Kerstin Schmitt
  • Sylvie Prague

    "Great instructors and a great group. I really fell very well informed and prepared on my way to becoming a Yoga teacher. Can't wait to take the next step... Mallorca, here I come!"

    Sylvie Prague
  • Susanne Hecht

    "Module 1 of Yoga Education, I'm thrilled! It is exhaustingly cheerful, intensively teaching, tirelessly practicing, just great! Thank you for the lovely girls in my course and the charming young man! A thank you to Marion, her lessons are awesome! Also many thanks to Sandy, Kay, Theresa and Marina, with whom I was allowed to spend the trial day. And now I'm looking forward to meeting the other instructors."

    Susanne Hecht
  • Ariane Kosick-Albitz

    "I found Way on Google and then chose the M2i in Wiesbaden, because it fit" best in my schedule ", and I'm very happy that this happened. I met some really nice people in the groups (too bad that sometimes you live so far apart) and I was really carried away by the WAY team. Everyone, in their own way was great - and I was able to learn from everyone and take something home with me. Thanks for the great 2 weeks! I'm really looking forward to the M3 in the summer !!!"

    Ariane Kosick-Albitz
Gift card

Gift card

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With this voucher you can take part in our yoga teacher training free of charge for one day. In our special trainings, such as Children's Yoga Teacher Training , Pre- & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training , Yin Yoga Teacher Training , you have the opportunity to spend half a day. Call us, we will advise you!

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What is yoga?

Yoga is not a sport. It promotes, personality development in a holistic way that will allow you to experience a deep inner peace.

Yoga in Sanskrit means ”union”. In a figurative sense, it means balancing the body, mind and soul to live in peace with oneself and one's environment. Yoga is thus one of the oldest sciences of life that deals with the human being in its entirety. The aim is to calm troubling thoughts, to develop mental clarity, and to achieve serenity and health.

The Yoga Sutra of the Indian sage Patanjali explains why our mind is often so restless and why it causes great suffering in ourselves. In 195 wise proverbs, Patanjali explains how to deal with our fears and problems, and how to find happiness, serenity and contentment.

Yoga has been handed down as a mental exercise path for at least 3500 years, but it is probably even older. The asanas provide the body with proper alignment strength, energy and relaxation. The mental meditation techniques and the breathing exercises should train the concentration on the moment. Do not look back into the past, nor live in the future, but only in the moment. This requires a great deal of discipline in thoughts, words and works, but after a certain period of time, the practitioner acquires a relaxed state of mind and a new, positive perception of himself and his environment.