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    Welcome to | WAY

    WAY - European Academy of Yoga and Holistic Health - Your competence center for certified yoga and Ayurveda education.

WAY Philosophy

WAY YOGA flow is a Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga style with a strong focus on intelligent alignment and with great emphasis on anatomical safety and joint care for a healty and responsible yoga practice. It is a very creative flow style and on the lower level of practice, a soft form of Hatha Yoga. It can be easily adapted to all levels. From absolute beginner to highly demanding levels, WAY YOGA FLOW suits all levels! Safety is very important to us and thus we also have a strong focus on medical, anatomical and psychological topics.

During our classes We focus on different Pranayama techniques and a very long and thorough warm up of the body, so that all major joints and muscles are protected against injury.

During your YTT course you will learn about 15 to 20 different standing Vinyasa flows, seated sequences, inversions and arm balances. All of them are taught with a lot of options and modifications to make them suitable for every level. Hands-on assisting and adjustments are an important part of our Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Finally, you will receive an in depth understanding of your own neurological brain functions and what Savasana, meditation and other types of relaxation techniques, like progressive muscular relaxation and autogenic training, can accomplish. Also, you will improve your own practice enormously. WAY YOGA FLOW is inspired by different styles of yoga. A profound Hatha Yoga training according to Yesudian Yoga and Sivananda Yoga, a profound Vinyasa Yoga inspired by Jivamukti, Bryan Kests Power Yoga and Mark Stephens' Vinyasa Yoga.

We also teach Yin Yoga according to Paul Grilley during the training, because all our yoga teachers are also Yin Yoga teachers. We weave together different elements of different styles and thus can provide you with a huge variety of creative flows and safe Asana poses.

We guarantee highest educational standards!

  • All trainers are AYA certified and have been trained at least 500 hours themselves
  • A highly structured script and workbook will be provided
  • Training support, also in cases of special injuries (free of charge)

We guarantee high service quality

  • In case of sickness during a course, we provide a 2 year warranty for the student to move to another course
  • We offer consultations for opening your own studio
  • We have continuous quality management
  • We offer an intensive preparation for your AYA exam
  • We collaborate with professional partners for planning your perfect stay

We have high customer satisfaction

  • 99% of passed exams
  • 100% of support in case of exam anxiety
  • 100% of our trainees successfully teach their own classes after graduation
  • Overall grade given by our customers: 1.5

Our training centers

  • Our training centers are all in quiet and peaceful places
  • Fresh fruit water and hot water is always provided during classes
  • The beach is always less than a 15 minute walk away from our hotels